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Below are services we provide.

Website Design

For any business, organization, ministry, or project, in today’s fast paced business environment, your website is your calling card. We’ve all heard it said that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, so having a website that is active, functional, and easy to navigate is an absolute must.  Here at Nuform Innovations, our team work overtime to build the website perfectly suited for your needs, one that makes a statement, and one that will invite return visits, and yes, business time and time again.

UX User Experience | UI User Interface | Responsive Design | Landing Pages |

Graphic Design

Logo Design | Collateral | Illustrations | Branding

Website Maintenance

Of course, simply having a functioning website is only a part of the process. Website maintenance is vital to keep the site free and clear of any issues, errors, or mistakes, as well as refreshing content to keep it updated and relevant in a rapidly changing market. Proper website maintenance will go a long way towards maintaining your current traffic as well as drawing in potential new clients or customers. It also helps in strengthening those all-important Google and SEO rankings. At Nuform Innovations, we can not only provide you with the web presence you need, but also proper maintenance to keep you and your brand at the forefront.


Ecommerce is the practice of purchasing and selling goods through online retail platforms. The first ever online sale was made in August of 1994, and global ecommerce sales are expected to reach $27 trillion this year. Ecommerce has done much to make products easier to find and purchase as more and more retailers adopt online platforms. The single largest beneficiaries of ecommerce are small businesses and independent freelancers, as it allows their brand to be visible and accessible on a scale that would not be possible through traditional retail formulas. Nuform Innovations is available to set up and maximize your ecommerce platform.

Web Project Management

Project Management is very important to us here at Nuform Innovations. We purpose to collaborate with stakeholders in the course of the whole web development life cycle. We oversee the group with the aid of managing the processes of starting up, making plans, execution, monitoring and controlling, and project closing. When you have numerous tasks suddenly, we can control them for you.

Social Media Marketing

We are here to help improve your business by utilizing the best platforms. Social Media is now one of many resources used for marketing. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a strategy set to connect your brand with your target audience through social media platforms, with goals to increase sales, and drive traffic to your website.