The Wise.Org

The Women’s Inspirational and Self-Empowerment Organization (TheWISEOrg) is more than a women’s empowerment organization it’s a Movement!

Who are WISE women? TheWiseOrg is an organization comprised of professional and entrepreneurial women. WISE hosts events monthly including: symposiums, seminars, workshops, summits, brunches, conferences and more- all aimed at encouraging, educating, and empowering women.

Business Type:

Non-profit Organization

Guru Genie

Guru Genie Technology Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization on a mission to encourage more students to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professionally through outreach events, mentoring, and career development opportunities.

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Hashe Investments LLC

Hashe Investments is an independent trust organization dedicated to the administration of trusts and other family wealth arrangements such as family offices, businesses, and foundations.

Business Type:

Independent Trust Organization

Fast Handz Global

A professional certified woman owned company. Providing Green Cleaning & Medical Facility Cleaning for hospitals and medical institutions. Under this unique certification, we have trained in the areas of using universal precautions, and chemical safe practices in a medical environment. We are aware of blood-borne pathogens and how to properly dispose of these type of materials to help prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Business Type:

Cleaning Services

J. Herrara’s

J.Herreras is a mobile and online boutique that provides clothing and shoes for women who appreciate unique and quality products for an affordable price.

Business Type:

Fashion, Ecommerce

Painted by Linda

Linda Dupree is an established professional in the world of fashion, beauty and style. For over twenty years Ms. Dupree has been an indispensable resource for showing women how to make a dramatic transformation in their personal and professional lives. This has made her one of the top beauty professionals in the country and abroad. Ms. Dupree has created and customized personal development classes for female executive that require a competitive edge. Her keen eye for detail was a key ingredient to the ascension of her career.

Business Type:

Make-up & Fashion Stylist

Serene Salons

Serene Salons is an organization dedicated to Esthetician, Massage, Eyelash Extension, Permanent Makeup, Braiding/Extensions and more.

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New Roots Hair Extensions

The New Roots Extensions hair experience.  New Roots Extensions is a woman owned company and here is what the company has to say….  As women we should always enjoy the wonderful world of opportunities that are provided for us to be strong, beautiful, and fierce from the inside out.  Being a woman to me means empowerment and to be confident in any setting. Confidence comes from within, but we also know if we look good we feel good.

Business Type:

Hair & Beauty, Ecommerce

Malcolm Hawkins

Introducing, teen-age gospel sensation, Malcolm Hawkins. Malcolm is emerging as the anointed voice of the “Joshua Generation” His hip-hop approach to gospel music is a much needed addition to the gospel industry as we know it. Malcolm’s newly released project, “Like No Other”, includes soulful ballads, hip-hop tunes, and monster rap tracks that are sure to engage audience groups that will include listeners of all ages, races, and cultures.

Business Type:

Entertainment, Personal Profile

C&C Entertainment

Professionals helping you with your artist portfolio and publishing needs. Artist Consulting, Publishing, and Recording Service.

Business Type:

Music Entertainment, Artist Consulting